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Who Are We?

Animal Medical Center's primary mission is preventative medicine which involves immunizations for contagious diseases, prevention of diseases spread by parasites, and counseling pet owners about good animal care.

Surgery, dentistry, and nutritional advice are all important aspects of day to day veterinary practice. At Animal Medical Center we use up-to-date laboratory equipment to aid in diagnosis and treatment of disease conditions. Nursing and animal care are also vital to the well being of our hospitalized patients.

In clinic diagnostics allow the caring veterinarians at Animal Medical Center to get the results of your pet’s blood work in minutes! The ability to obtain liver and kidney profiles, coupled with a complete blood count enables our doctors to determine if there may be an underlying problem with your pet that may not be seen by a physical and visual examination.

Animal Medical Center offers a wide array of boarding suitable for the largest dogs down to young kittens. Boarding at Animal Medical Center allows your pets to be under constant supervision of one of our many trained veterinary technicians. In the unlikely event your pet becomes ill at our facility, our doctors are just a bark or meow away!